All KIEROY designs are traditionally made from the highest quality metals in solid gold or sterling silver.

After careful consideration, KIEROY introduced vermeil plating for select earring pieces in 2021. With significant increases to the cost of gold — I want to keep my collections accessible while still delivering a beautiful gold look.

I have chosen only to plate some earrings as they suffer minimal physical impact and can be kept well for a long time to come.

KIEROY’s vermeil is plated over a solid sterling silver with a minimum thickness of 3microns. This means it is six times thicker than most flash plating used by many jewellers at just 0.5 microns. If you have ever watched your jewellery tarnish, fade or wear off within weeks of purchase, it has likely been flash plated.

The integrity of your fine jewellery pieces is central to how I design and handcraft my collections.