Strong designs, refined finish. Fine jewellery handcrafted in Melbourne.


KIEROY is known for its strong designs and refined finish. Embracing quality metals, unique gemstones and unusual diamonds, the brand has evolved over the past six years to embody a rare maturity, irreverence and precision in fine jewellery creation.

Celebrated for one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces and bold staples in equal parts, KIEROY begins with a classic premise and ends with a subtle interplay between perspective and form. What feels classic one day can feel dramatic the next. For the wearer who lives to embody more than one idea, pieces are designed to capture and reflect the natural contradiction of contemporary lived experience.

From the finest quality materials, KIEROY seamlessly blends conceptual design practice with the cleanest execution to create jewellery that can last forever. All pieces are personally designed and handcrafted with integrity by founder Kieran Jackson in Melbourne.


Kieran Jackson has been designing and making jewellery for nearly a decade. Lending his craft to recognisable local brands, including as Creative Designer at Lucy Folk while he completed an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery) in 2013, he founded KIEROY in 2016. His brand builds on trusted relationships with discerning local suppliers and knowledge passed on from some of Australia’s most skilled, independent makers.

In all aspects of his work, Kieran is inspired by the contradictory potential of form, perspective and proportion. The result is KIEROY’s trademark: strong designs with an impeccable finish.