Create your own one-of-a-kind piece with KIEROY.

The commissioning process for bespoke pieces can vary according to the complexity of your brief, but in all cases is collaborative and informal.

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After your initial contact, I will prepare for your first appointment. At this meeting we’ll discuss design, select metals and may review carefully selected precious gemstones I have personally sourced for you. I may present wax carvings or designs based on your brief that we’ll explore and develop together.

The design process from here can involve between one and three further consultations to ensure your piece is just right. Once the design is set, KIEROY asks for a 50% deposit on your final quote to commence making.

For interstate and international clients, all appointments are facilitated via a combination of Zoom and email to ensure you receive high quality imagery and references.

Finally, I'll handcraft your special piece which typically takes between two and four weeks to create.


There’s something special about honouring the history of a special stone handed down or repurposed. I work with heirloom engagement rings, pendants and earrings who’ve lost their mate, to give your pieces new life with their very own KIEROY design.

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